About Us

She has been involved in Yoga for the past 7 years. From her first very class, she knew this was for her. What she didn't realize was why it was and what it did for her. Persusing, her graduation, and post-graduation in the fields of Yoga Shastra have helped her understand how it could be used to control her emotional state and psychical awareness.

Yoga Beginners can gain from Personal Yoga as confidence and technique are boosted from learning it from professionals. It is also beneficial to advanced practitioners as it allows one to take Yoga to the next level.


What leads her to teach Yoga is the life-altering perception of this Indian Ancient Art form. Once she understood how Yoga, helped her interact with life differently, it was only a matter of time before she wondered whether she could help other people take control of their lives. During her education, she began experimenting with different types of Yogas and had fun in exploring the variety of approaches.

The idea of teaching struck her when she found the lack of suitable teachers in her local vicinity. It eventually started off small with just friends and family which later grew into an entire class. Humor, creativity, and flow are some of the things which you can find in her class, which is something she also encourages her students to practice.

Her classes usually include self-alignment rather than trying to teach from the textbook material, as it helps learners be more comfortable. She believes that serious practice should be dealt with humor, compassion, joy, and lightness. This allows one's natural evolution and inner wisdom to guide one through the place where one is meant to be.

So if you keen to learn Yoga, she caters it at many levels, whether being beginners, intermediate or advanced. The yoga classes are based in Nerul, Navi Mumbai District where you'll probably meet someone you already know. She believes in meeting you on the mat (rug), cushion (pad), or the mattress soon.