Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is known for its expressive style that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. The fluid dance movements of contemporary connect the mind and the body of dancers.

Contemporary is a versatile and improvisation oriented dance form unlike the strict structure of classical ballet dance form. The dance form focuses on floorwork and using gravity to pull the dancers down to the floor. There is no specified music for this dance form as it can be performed on different kinds of music. The contemporary dancers usually prefer dancing bare feet.


Contemporary Classes in Nerul West

Contemporary is considered as one of the best professional dance forms. For all the people who want to learn this art can join our Contemporary Dance Classes in Nerul West. You can join our beginner's batch or if you have learnt contemporary in the past, then you can go for our improviser's batch.

Contemporary Dance is of story narrative theme or abstract theme. We at our studio help the students to learn all the aspects of the dance form. Our dance teachers have years of experience in training a non- dancer to a fabulous contemporary dancer.


More about Contemporary Dance Form

Contemporary dance is listed in the Modern Dance Forms. There can be unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction in this dance form. The dance has the freedom to show his/her creativity in their dance performance. The dance form includes multiple and simultaneous actions.

Join our Contemporary dance classes at Yogaanation to develop modern dance knowledge, techniques, and expressions necessary for an appropriate level of performance.

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