Folk Dance

A folk dance is developed by people of an individual community or region. The dance form reflects the lifestyle of the respective community. Folk dances are performed at every possible occasion to celebrate, for example- the arrival of seasons, birth of a child, wedding or a festival. These dance forms are considered as the heritage of our country.
While some dance forms are performed as they were invented but some are constantly being improved. Learning Folk dance helps in increasing knowledge about our culture, its versatility and diversity.

Folk dance Classes in Nerul West, Navi Mumbai

The child usually learns the folk dance of their community from their elders. Some dances are performed individually whereas in some men and women dance together. Each form of dance is performed with its own specific rhythm, costumes and expressions coupled with energy, experience and celebration.

You can learn various Folk dances like Garba, Bharatnatyam etc. at our Yogaanation studio. We have our personalized folk dance classes for beginners as well as for improvisers. If you are interested in learning your own country's culture, then come and meet us at Yogaanation, Sec 4, Nerul West.

As the folk dance reflects the tradition of our country, it is given high importance by the government of the country at every government function such as Independence Day and Republic Day.

Learn various folk dance forms at Yogaanation, Palm Beach Residency, Nerul West.

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