Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop is a street dance style which is a part of Hip Hop culture. Hip Hop culture is the epitome of four essential components: Breaking, Rapping, Graphite and Djing. It is said to be started as an underground movement as a counter culture against racist and discriminated society. It evolved in the streets of The Bronx, New York in the early 1970's. There are various styles associated with Hip Hop dance are Breaking, Locking, Popping, Old School etc.

Hip Hop classes in Nerul West

It is the most famous dance form among youths. Yogaanation conducts hip hop dance classes every day of the week at its studio in Nerul West. We have different batches for the beginners as well as for the improvisers. We train students on diverse international Hip Hop, House and Lyrical Hip hop, which gives scope to students to create their own unique moves.

Yogaanation has a team of professional dancers with eminent experience in dance teaching. Join us and add a dancing form in your lifestyle.

More about Hip Hop

The word "Hip" means current in the know and "Hop" means jumping movement. At present, as a dance form Hip Hop is a mix of different kinds of professional, experimental and free style dancing. The dance form is majorly influenced by the western media, music videos, movies and international t.v. shows but also includes a tinge of Bollywood and Indian contemporary. One can join a hip hop dance class in Nerul West to explore this new age culture.

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