Locking- Popping

The dance style locking and popping started in the United States on the streets of New York and Los Angeles. It was invented by Boogaloo Sam and Don Campbell. The dance style is said to be started in the 1960s and became popular in no time. People used to earn money by dancing on the streets of New York. That is why; this dance is listed in the street dance category.
The dance first became popular in Western cities and then around the whole world. Everyone is so interested in this dance style that they want to learn and master in it.

Locking- Popping Dance Classes in Nerul, Navi Mumbai

There are millions of Locking- Popping dancers in India and the number increases for the people who want to learn this art. Locking and Popping is very famous among the youth section of the society. To help in learning this dance form, Yogaanation has brought up Locking and Popping dance classes for the keen learners in Navi Mumbai.

The academy is committed to providing the best techniques to learn the art. We aim towards providing the best dancing lessons in Sec-4, Nerul West.

More about Locking- Popping

The idea of this dance style was actually derived from the cartoons which used to come on television with robots in them. People tried to copy those movements and created a dance form from it. This is how it got its identity and became famous worldwide.