Traditional Yoga

Traditional yoga is a branch of Yoga that was initially developed in ancient India. It involves the relationship between the physical body, the breath, and the mind referred to as the mind-body connection. It oversees the full range of motions of the body that does not occur on a daily basis under normal circumstances. During our lifespan, we learn habits that help us coordinate the way our body moves. Ranging from daily work to sleeping postures, it all eventually causes us lack of mobility in certain areas of our body. Practicing traditional yoga opens up the body and improves well-being by bringing movement and awareness to areas that have become stiff or tight.

Traditional yoga stances, or asana, are not quite the same as different types of exercises since they are performed gradually with a calm mind. While practicing Traditional yoga, we convey calmness to the physical body by means of a relaxed cognizant awareness. So as to develop health in the body, you must first cultivate harmony of mind. If you relax the mind, the body will follow.

Calming the brain through meditation is at the core of Traditional yoga practices. It isn't the yoga stances that mend the body, it's the cognizance of mind that helps the body recover. The stances enable one to open the mind to the body, and then begins the process of healing.

Traditional Yoga Classes
Traditional Yoga Classes

A traditional yoga Studio

Once you have practiced the traditional yoga poses a few times, you will begin to get a sense of which poses are best for you. You can do them all, or just one - what is most important is that you practice stilling your mind in meditation first and then bring this feeling of calm into each pose. The poses in this practice are gentle because the simplest poses reap the greatest benefits. If you're distracted by discomfort in the body, it's difficult to get into a peaceful place in your mind. Yoga should be grounding and relaxing, and it should be enjoyable to do. Finding the depth in simple poses, before you try advanced ones, will allow you to enjoy your practice and progress without injury.