Western Dance

By the name we can understand that this is the dance form of western countries. Western dance is a really deep concept. Several types of dancing take place simultaneously in western dances. Progressive dancers use the outside part of the floor and the non- progressive dancers use the centre of the floor to dance.
The dance form was originated by British men. Western dance comprises of various dance etiquettes as well as dance floor etiquettes. The dance is listed in professional category.

Western Dance Classes in Nerul West

You can join Western Dance Classes at Yogaanation, Palm Beach Residency, Nerul West if you want to try your hands on western dancing skills. We will give appropriate information about the techniques, postures, foot movements etc about the dancing style. The main objective in Western Dance is moving on the rhythm. We will help you to be a professional dancer during the course. The perfect finishing of every move, easy landings after a jump and soft hand and foot movements are the basic keys of Western Dancing. Join us to learn all the steps one by one to become perfect in this art.

Contact us for more details anytime. You can also walk in for further information and to clear all your doubts.