Zumba is an exercising fitness program which gives you immense strength and fitness at the same time. Zumba is not only exercising but exercising on rhythm. The only way of getting fit and enjoying the whole fitness process is Zumba.
Whether you want to lose your belly fat, tone up your body or just you wanna do your daily exercise, Zumba is the option to fit in all these categories. It is a fun-filled form of exercising.

Zumba Classes in Nerul West, Navi Mumbai

Nowadays, most people choose Zumba classes as a mean to add fitness to their daily routines. Zumba has spread all around the world within a very less span of time. With the increasing demand for it in Navi Mumbai too, we have got you Zumba classes in Nerul West. Join our beginner's batch and start enjoying your daily exercise. We have various Zumba batches in the morning as well as in the evening. Join the one that suits you perfectly.

Zumba is more like dancing as it includes elements of various dance forms like belly dancing, salsa, Bhangra and martial arts.

More about Zumba

The creation of Zumba workout was not planned but it happened mistakenly. Around the mid-90s, a Colombian aerobics teacher forgot to take his regular music tape to the class. So he just pulled out tapes of salsa and meringue music. This resulted in an endless exercising session. People loved it this much that is now famous in more than 125 countries.

Benefits of Zumba

The biggest benefit you can get from Zumba is burning calories. You can burn around 500- 800 calories in every one hour class. You can even do it twice a day. It gives you the perfect results without feeling that you worked out. Zumba is like wok out wrapped inside sugarcoat (this sugarcoat won't add calories). It is not like boring gym, it is enjoying your every body movement.

Come and Join us at our Zumba classes in Nerul West and increase your body flexibility, reduce fat and make yourself physically strong.

Contact us for more details anytime. You can also walk in for further information and to clear all your doubts.

Zumba Classes
Zumba Classes